TechnoDeal s.r.l.


Innovation technology is the answer to rebuild your business.


Our success is based on strong passion and the continuous communication with the customer.

TechnoDeal s.r.l. is a Spin-Off of Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna based in Peccioli, Italy. Our society has a strong technological shape that comprehends competences in mechanical, electronics and informatics development, a strong background in patenting and IP, and a deep knowledge of European, National and Regional funding schemes.
Our strength is based on the choice to invest our time in better comprehending needs, dreams and businesses of our customers. We firmly believe that only in this way is possible to develop creative and innovative solutions.

If you have a project idea or a dream that you want to realize, contact us.
TechnoDeal provides a complete set of services able to help and sustain every technological idea in different fields: from automation to cloud computing, going through robotics and 3D printing, thanks to a young and solid team. We strongly believe that each brand, each company has a different story that makes them unique, for this reason we base our collaboration on a creative and innovative communication with the customer enabling us to answer to all the expectations and needs.

Starting from 2001, TechnoDeal has always been in the first lines of advanced technologies by approaching solutions through creativity, determination and punctual organization of the workload.
Our team is composed by experts and specialists that have gained experience in different fields.
Our ambition is to develop technological and innovative solutions in order to fill the gap between Academia and Industry.

TechnoDeal aims at supporting embryonic ideas in order to bring them to reality, by providing a set of opportunities in funding, development and commercialization.
For us is fundamental to built solid relationships with our customers in order to evolve from an initial phase of technological consultant to a solid collaboration able to achieve long terms objectives.

Our work process starts by helping you to discover the potentiality of your idea with the aim to define, strengthen and structure your project. Then, our team deepen the knowledge in the specific field by providing an analysis of the State of the Art and finally provides a set of solution customized on the customer’s needs.

When a plan has been defined, a detailed timing program is developed around the designed solutions.


We help companies to discover their potential by linking our experience to their technological necessities.