Robot-Era is an integrated project funded in the FP7-ICT-2011.5.4 (ICT for Ageing and Wellbeing), started on January 1st, 2012, with the aim to develop and implement the general feasibility, scientific/technical effectiveness and social/legal plausibility and acceptability by end-users of a plurality of complete advanced robotic services, integrated in intelligent environments, which will actively cooperate with older people to provide independent living.
The system is composed of heterogeneous devices and three different robots acting in three different environments.
The Domestic Robot safely navigates in a domestic environment. It is equipped with a robotic arm in order to take small objects. Multicolor LEDs on the eyes and speakers provide a feedback to the user. The Condominium Robot navigates between floors through the elevator and it mounts a roller mechanism in order to be able to exchange goods with the Outdoor Robot.
The Outdoor Robot, designed on a previous platform named DustCart (Ferri, 2010), is an autonomous mobile robot for objects transportation in urban environment.
In Robot-Era TechnoDeal is responsible of the dissemination and exploitation activities and is actively involved in the anlysis of the legal and standardization issues related to personal robotic services.